Meeting Ice Breakers
& corporate team building exercises

                 home          about          contact has ideas that you can use for business meetings, team building, larger groups, small groups, staff meetings, sales meetings, training sessions, teenagers, youth and adults. Many of these Ice Breaker exercises are fun games or activities that will help everyone get to know each other faster.

Scavenger Hunt

Hide everyday items around the room, and give each team a list. 
The first team to find the most items on the list wins.

Hide pieces to a children's puzzle around the room. 
As guests find the puzzle pieces, they bring them to a table and assemble the puzzle.

Surprise Puzzler
Paint a surprise message over a children's puzzle, such as, "Pizza party next Saturday," "Roller skating in April" or "Special guest today: _______."  Then have the guests assemble the puzzle to see the suprise message.